Opportunities in Malaysia's HSR Industry, in line with the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail project & other upcoming HSR developments in the region
With the KL-SG HSR being the first HSR project in the Southeast Asian region, MyHSR Corp is taking the initiative to leverage on the project in developing Malaysia’s HSR industry, in line with capturing the opportunities from the rapid development of HSR network in the region. To this end, MyHSR Corp is working with relevant Ministries, agencies and the private sector to undertake the necessary steps to develop the local HSR industry, including supply chain and talent development.
  • HSR Industry in Malaysia
  • The Way Forward
  • HSR Industry in Malaysia
    Why develop the HSR industry in Malaysia?

    HSR’s high level of technical complexity resonates with the nation’s aspirations of expanding into high-value industries and creation of high-value jobs

    Development of a HSR industry could catalyse growth of the rail and adjacent industries, e.g., Aerospace, Automotive, and Electrical & Electronics (E&E)

    As the  first cross-border HSR service in the region, Malaysia could leverage this first mover advantage in Southeast Asia to position the country as a regional hub for the HSR industry

  • The Way Forward

    Developing Malaysia's HSR Industry: The Way Forward

    Initiatives to support Malaysia's position as a regional hub in services and specialised manufacturing by 2050 will be developed to achieve three key objectives:
    Organisational development through partnerships and Institutional support

    Mobilisation and ramping up of capabilities of local companies to enable access to new markets through initiatives such as facilitation of strategic partnerships between multinational corporations (MNCs) and local companies, providing specialised incentives and holding promotional events to showcase local capabilities to international players.
    Sustainable pipeline of hSR human capital through talent development

    Design and delivery of HSR-specific modules in academic and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes through partnerships with universities and TVET institutions, as well as the offering of professional development programmes for industry professionals through the MyHSR Academy.
    improvements in r&D funding and commercialisation

    Ensure focused and effective R&D activities through centralised coordination in allocation of R&D resources, stronger collaboration between university and industry players on R&D funding, definition of research topics, and ultimately R&D commercialisation. R&D findings shall also be showcased to promote Malaysia as a strategic hub for R&D activities in selected HSR segments.
    Talent Development for the HSR Industry

    MyHSR Academy will be established to develop professional talent in HSR, supporting their development to become experts in the field. Human capital development initiatives are aimed at:

    • Fulfilling human capital needs of the KL-SG HSR project
    • Enhancing the quality of local talent, to position Malaysia as key regional player in the HSR industry

    Four segments of interventions targeting the end-to-end rail talent pipeline have been identified:
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